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We plant trees. 

Kashew will be the 1st online,

2nd hand furniture marketplace that reforests the planet as you sell and purchase.

20% of profits go straight to reforestation. No BS.

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 For every ten sign ups Kashew pledges to plant one tree!

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 For every ten sign ups Kashew pledges to plant one tree!

Brazil's Atlantic Forest, 2013 to 2017 thanks to the efforts of reforestation projects.

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Greatest change.  

By buying and selling furniture with us, you don't contribute to deforestation for new furnishing items, but actively help reforest where trees are needed most.

Selling? Take a picture of your furniture and upload it. Done. 

Buying? Choose the item you like. Done.

Everything else we take care of. Pick-up and delivery, insurance, quality assurance and customer service.

Quality assurance. 

Pickup & delivery.

Reforesting earth.

Planet before profit.

It's that simple. 

20% goes to reforestation

Quality assurance

Kashew will supply you with the best deals on furniture across the USA. Sustainable, second-hand furniture at your fingertips that reforest the planet! Here are our promises:


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Planet before profit

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