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If we don't pay attention.

Wildlife Extinction

We are loosing the world's wildlife at an unprecedented rate. Wildlife populations have been reduced by over 68% since 1970.


Today, things are designed to be thrown away. Especially furniture with over 80% of items landfilled and 9.8 million tons of it ending up in the U.S. landfills every given year. 

Climate Change

Greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise. Climate change is present, and we're cutting down the lungs of our planet. 

If we start paying attention.

Restore Animal Habitat

By planting trees where they are needed most, our focus lies on restoring animal habitat and maintaining our world's biodiversity.


Trees are our planets lungs. We support reforestation projects that plant trees where they have historically grown.

Carbon Offsetting

Trees are one of our world's main carbon sinks. They store and convert over 45% of our land's carbon dioxide to breathable oxygen.

What's Wrong with Fast Furniture

Let's start paying attention, because...

Furniture needs trees. A lot of them.

About 15 billion trees are cut down every year. That's a football field of forest lost every second around the clock. A large portion of that is used to make new furnishing items.

Furniture's has a linear lifecycle.

80% of all furniture is landfilled. And in the United States alone, 9.8 million tons of it end up in the landfill every year. To picture this, it's like throwing away 4 couches, every. single. second.

The production of new furniture is toxic.

Much of the new furniture is made from particle board, which contains chemicals that are not only carcinogenic, but non-recyclable and non-biodegradable. 


Who We Are


What We Can Do, Together

Together We Can...

Give furniture a second life.

A lot of furniture is thrown away, not because it's broken, but because people move, or buy new things and have no place to leave it. We plan to be that missing place.

Create a line of furniture that doesn't chop trees, but plants them instead.

It's no secret that furniture requires tremendous amounts of trees. We partnered with reforestation organizations, and use 20% of our sales revenue to plant trees where they are needed most. 

Create a positive impact while buying and selling furniture.

Businesses can benefit the planet. And they have to. Together we can transform the way we think about furniture, and support communities that help maintain and rebuild our world's biodiversity.


Our Goals

Plant 10

million trees.

Not only to capture and store a tremendous amount of carbon, but to recreate wildlife habitat, protect endangered species and recover from the devastating effects of wildfires.

Save 10 million tons of furniture. 

9.8 Million tons of furniture end up in only the U.S. landfills every given year. To maximize our impact, our ambitious goal is to provide our service to people all across the globe.

Planet first. Always.

We want to create a way for people and businesses to use furniture as a vehicle for change, knowing that every piece can actively help to restore and protect our planet.

Our potential if we had the same amount of sales as...


2.7 billion trees  planted per year.

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615 million trees
planted per year.

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2.7 million trees planted per year.

Let's make a positive change together. 

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